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  • FlavorThe Ginger Beer Lost Mary MO5000 uses a unique, lemon and ginger beer vape juice flavoring that adds a light ice on exhale.
  • E-liquid contents: 10ml
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg
  • Coil: Mesh Coil
  • Puffs per Device: +5000
  • Battery: 500mAh, rechargeable via USB-C


Lost Mary Pineapple Apple pearLost Mary Gami, Lost Mary Cherry Lemon, Lost Mary Blueberry Raspberry, Lost Mary Watermelon CherryLost Mary Citrus Sunrise, Lost Mary Grape Cloud, Lost Mary Water melon, Lost Mary blue trio, Lost Mary Black MintLost Mary Mango Peach, Lost Mary Energize, Lost Mary Kiwi Fuse, Lost Mary Lemon Sparkling, Lost Mary Ginger Beer, Lost Mary Tropical Fruit, Lost Marry Triple Berry Ice, Lost Mary Strawberry Watermelon Ice, Lost Mary Strawberry Ice, Lost Mary Plum Rose Mint, Lost Mary Miami Mint, Lost Mary Guave Ice, Lost Mary Blue Razz Ice, Lost Mary Kiwi Dragon Duo Ice, Lost Mary Fuji Duo Ice, Lost Mary Blackcurrant Mint, Lost Mary Black Duo Ice, Lost Mary Berry Rose Duo Ice, Lost Marry Banana Raspberry Ice, Lost Mary Cherry Blossom, Lost Mary Kiwi Dragon Berry Fruit Ice, Lost Mary Pure Lost Mary Strawberry Kiwi Ice Lost Mary Banana Duo IceLost Mary Banana Raspberry IceLost Mary Black Mint, Lost Mary Blue Razz Ice, Lost Mary Blueberry IceLost Mary Blueberry P&B Cloud, Lost Mary Cherry Banana Duo IceLost Mary Cherry cola, Lost Mary Cherry Peach LemonadeLost Mary ClearLost Mary Cranberry Soda, Lost Mary Grape, Lost Mary Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava, Lost Mary Lemon Mint, Lost Mary Mad BlueLost Mary Mary Dream,  Lost Mary Peach Ice, Lost Mary Peach Mango Watermelon, Lost Mary Pineapple Duo Ice, Lost Mary Pineapple MangoLost Mary Sakura Berry Peach, Lost Mary Spearmint, Lost Mary Strawberry Ice, Lost Mary Strawberry Lemonade, Lost Mary Strawberry MangoLost Mary Strawberry Pina Colada, Lost Mary Strawberry  Sundae, Lost Mary Tripple Berry Duo Ice, Lost Mary Watermelon Lemon, Lost Mary Watermelon

36 reviews for GINGER BEER LOST MARY MO5000

  1. Shannon A.

    I would buy again

  2. Vickie G.

    I really like this flavor and will buy it again

  3. Michael M.

    This company has great products.

  4. Jeremy M.

    always a great product without any mechanical failures

  5. Chase W.

    Such an awesome flavor.!.!.!.!

  6. Natsuda N.

    It’s really good and last long per change

  7. BRENDA B.

    It’s a dessert cigarette

  8. Samantha G.

    Amazing !

  9. andrea y.

    Love ❤️ Love Love this flavor!!! How can you go wrong with juicy ginger beer!? Amazing sweet taste.

  10. Alysia S.

    I love this flavor! It’s not harsh at all and it really does taste juicy like the name suggests. Can’t wait to reorder!

  11. Erin W.

    Really good

  12. Julie J.

    Very tasty

  13. Susan S.

    Has a good taste and last a long time

  14. Wendy W.

    love it!

  15. Scott B.

    Very interesting flavor. Would buy again.

  16. Marilyn W.

    Fresh fruit flavor is very good.

  17. Jenna S.

    Too sweet

  18. Airion

    Tastes great! Lasts forever!

  19. Ray O.

    I’ve tried a lot of the Lost Mary flavors and this is my new favorite. It tastes just like a peach gummy ring!!

  20. Airion B.

    I love this flavor!!

  21. Guy

    If you like a ginger jolly rancher then this is for you. The taste is very flavorful, one of my favorites

  22. LB

    Ripe, eh? More like candy…but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Its both sugary, juicy, but does have “real” ginger flavored ginger beer flavor, if you catch my drift. The ice at the end takes the edge off the sugary sweetness, but when the device looks like it’s a Barbie accessory due to the bright shiny pink on baby doll pink, what do you expect?!

  23. Joseph s.

    I love the lost mary products another great flavor.

  24. Harleekwinn

    it taste good!

  25. Angela

    One of my favorite flavors

  26. T.Blankenship

    Very juicy

  27. Angela

    My second Lost Mary flavor. And again, I was pleasantly surprised! Tastes like those peach gummy ring candies. This may be my favorite. But, I’m not done trying different flavors in yet!

  28. Mak

    This is the best flavor of vape and I wouldn’t change that for anything

  29. jamal


  30. Bri

    I’m a longtime user of Fume, and I hesitated to switch over to another brand given my loyalty to Fume. This was the one that convinced me to switch over. The flavor is incredible, great hits, and the recharging means it lasts me about 2 weeks before I need a new one, and I vape consistently throughout the day! 10/10 product, would recommend!

  31. jaden

    the flavor profiles of this vape made me wanna buy it 20 more times 10/10

  32. Solstice

    This literally tastes and smells like ginger beer

  33. Lila

    It’s amazing I love it sm I would get it again if I didn’t like trying new things

  34. Mitchell

    This is honestly one of the best flavors I’ve tried. I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys a sweeter vape.

  35. Kyky

    Love the taste and could really smell the ginger beer

  36. Joseph s.

    Another one of your great products, I give it a 5 star but this flavor is great

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